Hello World!

Hi Everyone!

Cannot believe I am finally writing my first blog post. I have been wanting to do this for so long, but you know how sometimes you just get lost and busy in your daily life.

Anyways, as they say “Better late than never” so, here I am.

To tell you little bit about myself, I am 29 year old IT professional, married and living in Mumbai, India. Would you say I am boring?Well… we shall see to that 😉 By the way you can call me the Curious mind 🙂

You might wonder, what am i here for? well, to answer that, I am here to share my crazy feelings and my life experiences as I grow old 🙂

So, sit back and relax as we take this journey together. Till then, Bye Bye!! 🙂


  1. Florencia

    Hi! I am new in this blogging world too! Welcome 🙂 (I feel like I am welcoming a new neighbour haha). Been wandering around for a long time myself without being able to decide whether or not starting a blog, but here I am!
    Nice to meet you and good luck! See you around 🙂


    1. A Curious Mind

      Yay I found my neighbour!!! 😍😍 Welcome to you too and Thankyou for your comment. I will make sure to keep in touch! Happy writing!!

      And yes! Do start that blog😊😊 I would love to read!


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