Fully Bollywood

Before I proceed with this blog, do you know what Bollywood is?

Let me give you an idea, It’s the Indian Film industry. We produce movies in massive number every year. Actors here are treated like gods!! They have huge fan following. Our movies are loved and celebrated all over the country and it was a major part of my life while growing up!

Fun thing you can try today: Go watch a Bollywood movie πŸ˜‰

How it all started?

I have grown up watching Bollywood movies and my dad is the one to be blamed for it. He is a movie maniac, he just cannot live without it. Lucky for us, this obsession of his gave us our perfect weekend fun schedule. πŸ₯³

Growing up, every weekend was a “Movie Weekend” for us and of course since we went for night shows, dinner dates were complementary! 😎I still remember how happy it use to make us. You know that feeling when you wait for something for the entire week and then you finally get to do it! (stars in my eyes 🀩)

The Hustle

Today we have everything online. You can book tickets, select your choice of seat, book meals, everything with just one app. Back in the days in 90’s, there were theaters, where we use to buy tickets standing in a long queue in front of the ticket counter. I don’t think we got to choose our seats as well. but all this hassle was worth it! You ask why?

Because, It was our time, The Family time!! πŸ™‚

That excitement of catching a rickshaw and going to the theatre early so that you can get the tickets, then the interval snacks!!

Our movie snack was yummy “Samosas” and Popcorns!! I can still smell it! Hahaha!

This experience is so much with me that even today i cannot sit in a movie hall without a tub of popcorns. It’s like a mandate for me. I guess few things just stick with you. This habit is one of them πŸ™‚

Plan B: To save Plan A.

This family time was so important to us, that we could go to any extent to save it.

I remember one very funny thing that we (three of us or The Star Sisters πŸ˜› ) use to do as a kid. Because, you know, back then we were very young and naive and stupid!

In rainy season, it was very natural that it would rain and if it rains, obviously we couldn’t go out, because we never had the luxury of car. We use to take rickshaw or any public transport to travel to the theatre.

So on weekends, if it rained, all three of us use to literally sit in front of our “Mandir” (A space in home where you worship) join our hands and pray to god:

God, we will be nice this week, please stop the rain. We will not do anything, we will give up our chocolates and fav dolls, we wouldn’t play we will only study god, please please stop the rain

I am literally laughing while writing this. I cannot believe how naive we were. We always thought that because we didn’t study properly god decided to ruin our plan. Hahahahaha!! Now a days kids are so smart, i cannot imagine any kid of this generation doing this stupidity πŸ˜‚ We were real jokers!!

The Impact

If you have heard about Bollywood you would know that songs are integral part of our movies. Songs in Bollywood are celebration! In fact it has a great influence in my life. The only form of dance I know is “Bollywood”. πŸ˜›

Have you tried it? Try it, It’s fun!!

Now that you know how Bollywood was so important to me while growing up, you can understand how I got introduced to this fun and amazing art called “Dance”.

I just love dancing! it makes me happy, it makes me, me. I guess because it is who i was while growing up. I was that kid in the party who would dance on any song you play and would try to grab all the attention. Hahaha πŸ˜€

We loved practicing and learning the hook step of the song (yes you heard it right! Every song here has a hook step πŸ˜› ) and then dance in front of the mirror. Still don’t understand the obsession of dancing in front of the mirror. LoL!! There was only one full length mirror in our house and we use to toss each other while dancing to get that spot. 🀣 Or take turns every song to dance there. Hahaha! Funny times!

Even today, I cannot stop my feet and hands from moving when any Bollywood song plays. Doesn’t matter where I am, it just happens organically. And just so that you know, it’s not only me, it’s all five of us!! Even my dad. He gives his occasional performance when all five of us are together. Hahaha and trust me it’s hilarious πŸ˜€

The Tale continues…

You may think that now after growing old the “Movie Weekends” would have stopped. But no my friend, it hasn’t!!! This has stayed with all three of us and of course my mom and dad.

We may miss a movie, but mom and dad wouldn’t. They go out every Saturday or Sunday depending on their schedule even today. I love this about them!! They did not change. This is still their “Me” time.

Of course few things have changed, now they are two instead of five, now they do not have to stand in line, now the snacks are different, no more public transport. πŸ™‚ But the feeling is still the same!

I do miss it. Miss the madness we had! The crazy five!! πŸ™‚ Fully Bollywood πŸ™‚

This experience in my life has taught me, why family time is very important. Because these experiences stay with you forever and somewhere make you the person you are today. So try to spend quality time with your family as much as you can. Quality is always greater than quantity!

“The Most important time is family time”


  1. Sangeetha Ramachandran

    Loved it 🀩🀩🀩🀩. Kwality samosas I think it was. Even now I have to eat the samosas at the theatre. I am missing the theatres now during the lockdown 😭. We have all the luxuries now, can watch any movie at home but nothing like going to the theatres and watching it, especially the late night show πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

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