Pleased as Punch!

12th April 2020 – The date I will always remember!


  • Five days ago I started my Blog with no expectations. I knew I am not a great writer, but I also knew that I have a lot to express and I am not afraid to learn and go on this journey.
  • I received first five followers on the blog! This is the special one. I am so humbled and grateful to those who trusted me and my content. Thank you!!
  • I posted five blogs! Yes, I did it 🙂 When WordPress notification displayed on my phone and said “You’ve made five posts on Share What You Feel” I jumped with joy and thought of writing this post!
  • I received my very first comment today! Yeah, I got my very first comment on one of my posts from an Amazing blogger.
  • Got more than 10 likes on my posts! Which gives me motivation to write more.

So Thanks each and everyone of you for making my day! I hope to keep posting and reading amazing content that this platform has to offer.


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