How To Express Yourself

In my previous post I talked about the importance of allowing yourself to feel and express all the emotions.

But how exactly can you express it?

Is it always by talking? or there are other ways to express what you are feeling?

Different people have different ways of expressing themselves. You can even get creative. After all it’s your expression!

Here are five ways that has helped me in expressing what I feel and it might work for you as well:

  • Dress Up πŸ‘—: Yes! Sweet and simple, yet effective! You can dress up according to your mood. let people know how you are feeling without even saying a word. This always works for me. When I am feeling great (mostly because i am having a great hair day! πŸ˜› ), I dress up really nicely for office. On days I do not feel like working, I don’t really put too much effort in thinking what to wear, I probably just put on a very basic attire and go to office. Trust me people get it for some reason. So get up and dress up!
  • Draw or Paint or just Scribble 🎨: This is yet another effective and creative way to express your feeling. Feeling Sad? Draw whatever you feel like, you would be amazed with the results! Are you in love? Paint something and keep it as your love memory! Just mad at someone? Scribble, rip the paper off. Draw whatever you want to, but just let it out.
  • Exercise πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ: Strange? I will tell you why this made it to the list. It’s because I have tried this method. Whenever I feel super energetic or on contrary super mad at something, I exercise. I Just run! It utilizes all that extra energy and hey, it’s good for my body as well. You can also try Yoga, It helps release all the negative energy from your body.
  • Dance πŸ’ƒπŸ»: My favorite! Dance is an art through which you can express yourself. Depending on your mood choose the song and just let you body groove on the music!
  • Write πŸ“: Writing is a very powerful tool! I have started exploring this one very recently, but it does help! Do you love writing? If the answer is yes, then nothing better than it. Just take a pen, a sheet and WRITE!

Hope it helped you in someway! πŸ™‚

Do let me know which out of the five you relate to or would like to try. Would also love to know what are your ways of expressing emotions?


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