Do You Judge a Book by its Cover?

Come on, accept it! We all have done it at some point in our life. If not with books, then may be with humans!


Because who doesn’t like an attractive cover! After all we are humans, who get attracted to “nice things”. It catches our attention, it looks intriguing and we want to find out more.

Imagine walking in to a library, passing by the shelves filled with amazing books, you are looking for your next read and you come across a shelf that’s filled with books with unattractive cover, would you stop and pick any book from that shelf?

Although it sounds obvious and natural, ( because, hey, the cover of the book should ideally be the selling point right? ) we all have heard the famous phrase:

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover!

Why? Why is that?

Because many times, even though the book looks interesting from the outside, it may be ludicrous on the inside. Don’t be surprised then!

So try not to judge a book or anyone in general by their appearance (or so to say the “cover” ). Looks certainly are deceiving!

All that glitters is not gold!

Always try to know a person before passing judgment. They might be behaving a certain way or looking a certain way because of numerous different factors that they have experienced in life. We don’t know the full story, so, we don’t have the right to judge!

If you don’t have time to know the person, well, then, Why judge at all? ✌🏼

Everyone is unique in their own way!

Just to be clear, this does not mean that a book with great cover cannot be interesting. It certainly can! Just try to know it πŸ™‚

It’s always great to hear your feedback and what you think about the post. Please share your thoughts in comment section below and make my day! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  1. sonalisharma09

    Judging a person is so common. It’s almost innate. We do it and we don’t even realise. We are not unaware. It’s an issue that needs special attention in school education. So that we become sensitive towards others.

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  2. potatosandwich

    I’ll hold my hands up, I’ve picked a book based on it’s cover….that’s not a bad thing sometimes. I recently wrote a book review on a book called “The Nickel Boys”, about juve centres in 1960s America. Truth be told, I selected the book on it’s cover! Worked out a very good book in the end.

    People, absolutely not! Until you know someone’s story, you can’t make up your mind. I don’t care for what someone’s status might be, but if they spread positivity around you, then you know they’ll help develop you as a person. That can’t be a bad thing right?

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    1. A Curious Mind

      Absolutely not! It’s not a bad thing. Positivity in life is really important to keep you going everyday. So go where the positivity takes you!
      Thankyou for your comment! I really like when people interact with the post in the comments. That’s the best thing a writer can hope for.


  3. Ruthie Playle

    Amen! This is one of my favorites that you have posted! It’s not our job to judge, that’s God’s role. I feel like life is more fun when we aren’t judging, cause we can just enjoy life. I believe God likes to see our hearts not judging as well!

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