Not Hurting but Healing

When you love someone so much that you forget your entire world behind them. Your happiness, your existence depends on them. You leave your soul lurking in dark and light their soul as if it be yours.

You get consumed….. You forget yourself, your identity.

Yet, you cannot stop yourself from loving them even when you know their love is like a knife to your soul…… which hurts…. every day… every second

The only way to heal from the pain is to take that knife out, even when it would pain…… even when it would leave a mark, a hole in your heart, which may never be filled.

But you got to save your soul, you got to bring it back to light…. You got to teach yourself the true meaning of love! Which is not taking away, but Giving back! 😇Not weakening, but Growing together!🌲 Not hurting but Healing each other! 🥰

Stand up for yourself and take that damn knife out!

Word Of The Day Prompt : Knife

Discover Prompt : Teach

Trying the prompt challenge for the first time! 🙂 Appreciate your feedback 🙂


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