How To Start Loving Yourself

We often complain about people not accepting or loving us the way we are. But, what about you accepting yourself for who you are and you loving yourself unconditionally?

Self love is very important and it’s liberating because that means accepting yourself the way you are and making peace with yourself. Until you accept yourself with all your flaws and imperfections you cannot expect others to do the same.

For the longest time I did the same. I had no idea about self-love. I did not even know it existed, until I hurt myself real bad. Only after that I realized that how important it was for me to accept myself for who I am. Instead of bashing myself and thinking that I am not good enough, It was time to accept the beautiful unique me!

Here are five ways that has helped me in loving myself unconditionally, hope it helps you too:

Appreciate yourself

We often expect someone else to do this for us. We get ready so that someone else could say “How beautiful/Handsome” we look. We stand in front of the mirror, only to point out our flaws. We achieve something in life and expect others to be proud of ourselves.

You need to change this today!

From today start saying “you look amazing” as you see yourself in the mirror. Say “I love myself with all that I have“, “I love my body“, “I love the way it looks”.

Whenever you are going out and you get ready, compliment yourself! Appreciate your features, your outfit! (I know it may sound nuts, but it helps boost your confidence and allows you to love yourself)

Be proud of yourself, your achievements, your battles. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Take out time to do what you love

Remember what you loved doing as a kid? Or the class you always wanted to take but never got time to enroll? Do It today! πŸ™‚ What are you waiting for?

Want to go out? Go! Don’t wait for someone else to push you or take you to places you love. Do it yourself. Take charge of your happiness.

Do what makes you happy. πŸ™‚

Pamper yourself

My favorite part! Pamper yourself as often as you can. Because who doesn’t need pampering? We always dream about getting pampered by someone else… I get it, I did it too. But why not do it yourself? Why not pamper yourself?

My way of pampering me, is buying a gift every month for myself from my salary. πŸ™‚ Yes I gift myself πŸ˜‰ This keeps me motivated to work for the entire month. Similarly, you can have your way of pampering yourself.

Make a “I-Wish” list

Yes, an I-Wish list! Make a list of things that YOU want to do. Things that you have always dreamt of doing. This will give you a perspective in life and a direction to work in order to make yourself happy and content.

My I-wishlist had blogging in it and here I am. πŸ™‚

Spend Time with yourself

I know, I know, you are very busy and you barely have time for anything. Still, make an effort to keep some time reserved for yourself in a day. It could be just thirty minutes, but keep it. That should be your me-time. Time that you can spend with yourself, reflecting on your life and just being.

If interested, try to do meditation or yoga during this time, this would help you keep your calm. Be away from your phone or anything that can possible distract you from yourself. Enjoy your peaceful me-time. πŸ™‚

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection


You deserve your own love first ❀️

Have a love affair with yourself! πŸ˜‰ Because, If you do, you would be better equipped to love others around you as well. As they say “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.“, that’s the secret of happiness.


    1. A Curious Mind

      My pleasure!

      It is very important to love yourself no matter what. We need to accept who we are and trust me, we all are unique and beautiful in our own way!

      It’s just the matter of not being too harsh and critical on ourselves. I am sure you are a wonderful person! Do not let anything pull you down. You are beautiful and unique, celebrate yourself❀️

      Thanks a lot for your comment! Glad you liked the post. ❀️

      Liked by 2 people

  1. potatosandwich

    Some very sound tips and spot on. For some reason we don’t love ourselves, not in a way that makes you big-headed but a genuine appreciation of one self.
    I like them all, but more so ‘taking time out’…we feel too guilty about this…we shouldn’t.
    Nice post

    Liked by 2 people

    1. A Curious Mind

      Thanks a lot! Soo glad you liked it ❀️

      Self love is often misunderstood with selfishness, which is so wrong. Taking time out for yourself only makes you more stress free and happy, which in return becomes a blessing for your loved ones. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 2 people

      1. boundlessblessingsblog

        Because deep down as we grow up we get all caught up in this world of negativity though there is a lot of positivity around but then we become cynical, stressed out, start seeing the world differently and that is how we lose sight of our being beautiful. But there is always time to realize who we really are be the Lovely self that we are. Welcome dear.

        Liked by 1 person

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