How To Work From Home Effectively

Given the situation entire world is going through, most of us are working from home right now. Although there was a time I craved working from home at least once a week, now, I cannot wait to go back to office again.

Meanwhile, since we don’t have any option but work from home, here are few useful tips that can help you work from home effectively.

Create your work space

Having a work space is very important! It sets your mood right. It will helps you create an office-like environment at home. Also, your family can avoid disturbing you when you are in that space, because that would be a signal that you are working.

Having a home office is just great, If you can set that up, nothing better! However, a lot of us do not have much space to setup a proper home office, in that case you can reserve a spot for yourself, it could be as simple as having a chair and a table in one corner of the room.

Do not get in to the habit of lying on your bed and working, you can hurt your back very badly.

Tips: Add a little fun touch to your workspace. Maybe by adding your favorite mini plant. 😉

Good Internet Connection

The most essential ingredient for WFH effectively- Internet. Having a good internet connection is very important, specially if nature of your work does not allow you to work offline. Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

Tips: Worst case if your WiFi goes down – use mobile Hotspot 😉

Make a schedule

Have a plan! If you do not have a proper schedule, you would probably end up working for the entire day. Yes! WFH can be tiring when it comes to number of hours you are spending in front of that laptop.

Make a schedule and stick to it. Try to keep your meetings inside your work hours, do not schedule anything after that, just because you are anyway at home and can work anytime.

Make sure you shut your laptop at the end of your work schedule. Avoid falling in the trap of “anyway I have nothing to do, I am at home, let me work more“. Use your free time to spend time with your family, exercise, cook or do something else that you love.

Tips: If possible make a To-Do list for the day and work accordingly.

Take breaks

Don’t feel guilty in taking breaks. Take it!

I know people feel guilty when taking breaks specially while WFH. Let me tell you there is nothing wrong in taking small breaks in between. Specially now, when we are doing office work along with other household chores.

Tips: Try to add a 15 minutes break every two hours along with your necessary breaks “Tea break”, “Lunch Break” etc.

Take your family onboard

WFH becomes challenging if your family is not onboard . Specially if you have kids at home, it could be difficult to work without any disturbance. That’s why educating your family including your kids about your schedule is important.

Try to tell them when you would be free and when is your busy time. This is where having a schedule and work station comes handy. You can clearly call out your break times and the time you will be finishing work.

Tips: Plan some time with your kids everyday, this will make them respect your work time even more.

Wallah! you are all ready to WFH effectively. 🙂 Hope the tips were useful and you would be able to incorporate all of them. Let me know any more useful tips that you follow in the comments below. 🙂

Quick Update: I am planning to give some structure and schedule to my posts. You might have seen my new series on “Saturday Art Gallery” which will come every Saturday. Starting today, Every Monday I will be posting a “How-To” blog, this being my very first post on the “How-To” series. Hope you enjoy reading it!

Let me know your feedback in the comments below. It is always a pleasure!


  1. potatosandwich

    WFH requires some good discipline…I started a new project last year at work. Most of my team spread across and country and Europe, which meant office meet up once a week. Did this for a year and yes you need to really stick with the times.
    I’ll also add ‘dressing up’. While I won’t wear a suit, I will stick on a pair of jeans and t-shirt.
    I make sure I have no calls 9-10 (school run) and 3.30 – 4.30 (school pick up).
    Some days its back to back calls and even getting to the kitchen for lunch can be a challenge.
    But wherever you work in the house, make sure its a comfortable chair.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A Curious Mind

      I so agree with you!!! Back to back calls is something i hate… its like all you time is gone and no real work is done 😂 and 100 points for the comfortable chair! Mine is stuck due to lock down… now I am not even sure when it will come. 🙂


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