Hate Or Love

The other day someone asked me, who is the one person you hate? This got me to thinking and to my surprise there was no name!

Wait don’t judge yet!

I know it’s an unavoidable feeling and we cannot help but hate someone at some point of time, due to some reason. I know because I have done it in past.

All I am saying is, hating someone can be too much of a task and I am lazy!

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Think about it – Whenever you hate someone, you have to put so much effort and heart to it, that it becomes stressful. (yes! even hating someone needs your heart in it). It needs your commitment.

It’s like wasting your energy and time on someone or something you don’t even like. How weird is that?

By hating someone you are still giving importance to them, which they probably do not deserve. Just let them go!

Save up all that energy and space in your heart for someone you love! Someone who deserves your time and attention (that could be you too!).

One thing that we have limited is time, so let’s use it wisely and on wise people. πŸ™‚

Stay positive and spread love! ❀️

Announcement: I come across a lot of quotations which I love and feel like sharing them with all of you! So I decided why not?

Every Thursday I will be posting “Thursday Thoughts” with you all. This being my first Thursday thought post. I will give you my take on one quotation and would love to know what you get from it too.

Let me know in the comments below your interpretation of this quote by Martin Luther King Jr.


  1. mayetsworld

    I agree. Deciding not to hate someone or simply forgiving them liberates you. Once you forgive , the people who hurt you no longer have any power over you. Why do they even deserve your time or piece of your thoughts? be free and focus your attention on giving love to the ones who deserve it. Nothing good or beneficial comes from hatred.

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    1. A Curious Mind

      Yes, it is liberating.We sometimes un necessarily clutter our thoughts with hatred and start avoiding people whom we actually love! Who are important to us, who have value and meaning in our life.

      Thank you for sharing your valuable inputs!! Means a lot ❀️


  2. potatosandwich

    Now I hated Dictators when I was studying history back at school. The cruelty they executed on their own people, likes of Hilter, Stalin, Mussolini….so use of the term hate I felt was justified. For anything else, the phrase ‘dislike’ works for me, but that list for me is minute.
    I like the alternative….’love, loving, lovely’

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    1. A Curious Mind

      yeah! Dislike works for me as well…. Hatred as i said is too strong an emotion for me… I cannot commit my time and energy on something I really don’t care about…. Love hands down wins in my world!!!

      Obviously i have done mistakes in past of hating people, even their sight. That taught me and gave me the realization that it’s not worth it… Why am I punishing my family by behaving weird for someone whom I “hate”…. This was when I was in school, my moral science teacher taught me this in the class… and I was like,, hmm that makes sense. πŸ™‚ Since then, never looked back!

      Thanks for your ever so amazing comments Potatosandwich !! ❀️

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  3. SnowHearT

    Hate and love are same, they’re both same in terms of giving attentions. We can’t hate the person we loved. We can’t loved the person we hate. ❀️

    Anyway,,,nice posts dear ❀️❀️❀️

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