Depression Is Real and It’s Here

I was doing my regular Sunday chores when my husband screamed saying “I cannot believe it, Sushant Singh Rajput allegedly committed suicide”. I stopped, looked at him blank and couldn’t move for 5 minutes. My brain froze and I just couldn’t believe the news.

I confirmed twice with my husband to make sure I didn’t hear something wrong.. unfortunately it was the truth.. he is gone.. forever…

A young talented actor in his early 30s, who made his own place in Bollywood. He had an unbelievable journey from a small town in Bihar to the glitz and glamour of Bollywood industry, Mumbai.

I followed him since so long! I loved his work and his mere dedication to make it in Bollywood. His instagram was so unique and always had such positive and motivational quotes.

Does that imply that he was battling depression?

RIP πŸ™

I cannot imagine what he must have been through before taking this decision (still alleged). His parents would be heart broken that they could not help their son. It’s painful to just think about this. More power and strength to his family to deal with this tough time.

I personally, as a fan could have never imagined looking at his interviews or posts or comments that he was depressed.

This leads me to think…

Can we really know a person?

Can we really tell whats going on inside someone even when they put a happy face on the outside?

Is lockdown and social distancing making people crawl to deep dark places in their mind and feeding the demon inside?

So many questions all unanswered..

Guys I really request all of you to please please please talk to someone if you are feeling depressed.

If you think no one will understand you please talk to a stranger or take professional help… Talk to a therapist.

Please don’t keep everything inside that is bothering you. The best way to get rid of that negative energy is to talk about it.

Life is too short and very precious. Please understand , you matter to a lot of people. Every phase passes, nothing is permanent. Ending your life is not the solution.

I cannot imagine what or how far depression pushes someone that one can take his or her life. I only know that nothing is worth giving your life up for.

Please speak, talk, write, do whatever you feel like but don’t keep everything inside.

And if anyone reaches out to you, please listen! Sometimes we just need to listen, not everytime it is important to reach to a solution or conclusion.

Be kind to others, you never know what they are battling inside. Encourage your child, friend, parents, spouse anyone close to you, to talk about things that bother them. Be patient and listen to what they have to say.

Take care you all!! Please be kind to one another and be sensitive. Take care of yourself and your loved ones ❀️❀️

Here’s hoping for no more bad news in 2020. πŸ˜ͺ


  1. Bharath Upendra

    We can never really know someone; we can’t share their pain either. What they go through is something their own and there’s nothing we can do to ease shit up for them.
    Sometimes all we can give someone is our presence and the rest is up to them.

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    My reaction was exactly the same as yours. I was numb! I couldn’t believe my ears. This is absolutely devastating. Somewhere it was written that he was already taking medicines for depression! We need someone to speak to. It is very difficult to know what is going in someone’s head. Very Very shocking!

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  3. potatosandwich

    Very sad news. I remember watching some of his tv dramas a while back, amongst the very very few I watched. I can only imagine he was in a very dark place to make that decision to take his own life. You’ve got to be at the very edge of the road to then fall off. Maybe God give his family the strength at this time.
    Yes we never know a person. And while its vital anyone suffering from depression reaches out, we also have a duty to check up on friends and family, and if we notice some unusual signs, to help where we can.

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  4. HappySoul

    Ironically his last movie was on depression .. poor thing , how difficult it would have been to go through depression last six months and I wonder how in a few hours the mind plays it’s game to take ones own life !!! Felt so heart broken with the news .. !!

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